“Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”  ~Thich Nhat Hahn


Our feet carry us everywhere, taking care of them properly is very important. Foot pain is not normal and shouldn’t be ignored. Foot problems/pain can affect the alignment and functioning of other parts of your body including your hips, knees and back.

Foot-related pain is often associated with biomechanical issues in the foot. Orthotics (also called orthoses) can help in providing relief from pain due to biomechanical foot problems or injuries. This is especially important for those who walk or stand for long periods of time on the job or in their everyday activities.

Orthotics (orthoses) help maintain the normal/correct position of the bones in the foot, the ankle joint and the knees leading right up to the hips and lower back. With proper foot alignment the muscles and ligaments holding the bones of the foot in their proper anatomical position helps prevent muscle over-stretching and it prevents these ligaments and muscles from becoming lax and weak over time.

With the functional correction/alignment of a proper foot orthotic (orthoses), the foot structure is re-aligned correctly which will alleviate pain and give you more propulsion for walking/running or even cycling because your foot will be more bio mechanically efficient.
Along with aligning the foot structure, the orthotic (orthoses) can reduce muscular fatigue and help to promote more efficient muscle performance, thus enhancing performance during the gait cycle.

Our health care professionals will assess your feet for anatomical imbalances and musculoskeletal deformities. Once the assessment is complete, we will order your custom orthotic (orthoses) to correct your foot alignment and alleviate any pain you may be having.

Many insurance plans cover custom orthotics, check your plan to see if you have coverage.