Body Shaping

We offer a variety of highly personalized treatments and products that best suit your specific needs.  Our treatments can help you trim excess fat, lose weight, contour and overall tone your beautiful body.

We use state of the art techniques that include:

~ Body wraps
~ Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
~ Lymphatic drainage
~ Biodraineur™
~ ChromapuncteurTM
~ Biostimulateur™
~ Magicpot
~ Body Scrub & Glow

A few of the Anti-Aging and Skin Conditions we can help with include…

Pre and Post Surgery

Holistic, Non-Invasive face-lifts

Work on Acupuncture Points, Reflex Zones and Chakras

Lymphatic & Energetic drainage

Slimming and Contouring Body Treatments

Cellulite and Body Shaping

Each of the following machines can be used separately or in combination with one another to provide you with the best outcome possible. All three machines are non-invasive & pain free.  

  1. The Biodraineur™ – Using small glass cups this machine gently reproduces the sensation of a hand massage focusing on moving energy and stimulating the flow of fluids out of the body.
  2. The Chromapuncteur™ (light machine) offers energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves, in harmony with the energies of each of the 5 elements, and of the major energetic centers (chakras).
  3. The Biostimulateur™ is used to work on acupuncture points and reflex zones with the use mechanical vibration. These pre-calibrated vibrations match the ideal frequency of each meridian.
  4. Magicpot – this instrument uses radiofrequency technology (RFT) and vacuum suction to target specific problems including cellulite and fat, body reshaping and skin tightening.

Some examples of combined treatments include…

  1. The Biodraineur™ combined with Chromapuncteur™ to perform energetic drainage of the 5 fluids of TCM (Energy, Red blood, lymph, blue blood and water).
  2. The Biostimulateur™ coupled with Chromapuncteur™ adds light energy to the mechanical vibration of the Biostimulateur™.  This enhances the vibrational effect on the meridians or reflex zones.
  3. The Chromapuncteur™ along with the Magicpot system combine to provide an effective method of body shaping, contouring and skin tightening.

Our equipment & treatments never cause pain or unpleasant sensations. There are no invasive frequencies produced or transferred to you. There are never any electrical currents used directly on your skin. The machines are holistic, energetic and natural in the way they work, encouraging your body to heal itself.

Cellulite and Muscle Toning with EMS

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a technologically advanced science that will exercise your muscles and give you toned definition and a figure you can easily maintain and sculpt. Your muscles will not be strained or sprained by overusing them. The EMS system will generate a pleasant tingling sensation to the muscle.

Improvement can be felt after your very first session. Our clients have noticed considerable improvements in cellulite reduction and muscle toning after 5-7 weeks of consistent treatment.

Want to look and feel younger? Our BODY WRAP is for you!

ChromapuncteurTM Body Wrap

Using our ChromapuncteurTM body wrap system you can take inches away from the problem areas on your body.

We will apply problem specific solutions to your body that will stimulate inch loss and enhance body shaping.  Depending on the program we develop for your specific needs, we may use Essential Oils, Glycolic Acid (a powerful rejuvenating solution), “Theram Cellu Stimulate” (a cellulite cream), Reducing Cream (to assist in body fat reduction) or our Firming Cream (to tighten and tone body tissue).

The body wrap assists in the elimination of stagnant toxins in areas affected by poor circulation and cellulite. The lymphatic system is improved and fluid retention is greatly relieved. Our body wrap provides other wonderful benefits including relieving pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, rheumatism, joint injuries and respiratory problems.

Want to renew your skin and feel rejuvenated? Then try our…

Body Scrub & Glow

As the name suggests our exfoliating treatment using mineral-rich Dead Sea salt (in 3 different crystal sizes) we will awaken your circulation while removing accumulated dead skins cells.  Afterwards, we apply a luxurious hydrating massage lotion that leaves your skin renewed and glowing.